In Search Of Excellent 3rd Grade Math Homework Help

Younger students need frequent assistance with Math. Most of the students of 3rd grade can’t study on their own and want somebody to sit with them to get their homework done. If your kid are studying in 3rd standard and you are looking for excellent teaching practice, check out following options-

  • Tutor doctor: If you are a working mom and can’t spend enough time with your kid to teach him, appoint a reliable tutor that can pay a visit to your home and teach him. In home tutoring, individual attention is paid.
  • Online tutoring: In this students can study online under the supervision of their parents staying through their home. These are professional tutors and teach them via whiteboard workspace sharing problems and solutions offering explanation. This strategy teaches them computer skills too. Here, parents can guide the students for a first few days with the basics of computer operation and later on students can study under supervision of their family members.
  • Online Worksheets: Making practice via online worksheets transform them into mature learner. Completing assignments via online worksheets turn 3rd grade students into independent individuals. Online practice sheets can be given to them while mothers are engaged at some other place.
  • Offline worksheets: Print outs can be taken out through web to guide students with various types of problems. Such practice sessions not only enhances their learning but also help them with their homework.
  • Activities: Teaching Math via activities is another fun way to educate kids. One of the examples of doing addition and subtraction is via abacus. Forming groups of pens and pencils and teaching them basics of multiplication and division is another way to teach. They can also be taught addition and subtraction through vegetables, fruits, beads, color pencils etc.
  • Textbooks: Textbooks of other schools are also an interesting way to teach Math and help them with the practice sessions. Students can go through their example to clear their concepts.
  • Practice books: Making students go through additional problems assist them complete homework with optimum ease.
  • Siblings: Siblings can assist their younger ones with great ease as they have already gone through this stage. 3rd grade studies are easy as well as highly interesting. It should not be a herculean task for a 4th grade student to teach his/her younger sibling.
  • Parents: Parents should allot a fix time interval to teach their younger ones. Fixing a time period for assignments keeps homework interesting and do not make it look like a burden.
  • Veteran people or grandparents: These people have high degree of patience and they love to teach younger ones.
  • Teachers: If nothing works, ask your teachers and they would love to assist you.