A Brief Introduction To Organic Chemistry Homework: How To Handle Your Assignments

  1. Read the instructions: This step is very important no matter what subject area you are studying.
    • Read the home work instructions at least twice before you do anything. Then pick out the important details such as when the homework needs to be submitted, number of words and the actual task that you will need to complete.
    • At this point if you have any queries or think that the task is unrelated to anything that is familiar with your learning (that can happen!), then talk to your tutor as there may be a mistake or typo (that can happen too!).
  2. Panic? Don’t Panic!
    • Remember that most homework is based either on the work that you have covered in class or it may be some form or preparation for the next session. Either way it should have some bearing on the curriculum.
    • The homework could be part of a major coursework task that may involve work over a period of weeks or months. So you need to out the size of the homework task in proportion.
  3. Planning.
    • Break down the task into manageable chunks, decide on what you already know and pinpoint what you need to find out and where you can find it in order to complete the work. This type of planning will save you time and stress later.
    • At this point it may be an idea to pool your resources with one of the other students on your course or even form a study group. You may find that you can work more easily as a group by dividing up the areas that need to be researched.
  4. Writing.
    • Organic Chemistry is not an area that you will be able to just blag your way through. Like all areas of science you will need to use specific language and relate to specific concepts that you can apply to specific situations.
    • Your work will need to show a logical progression of ideas and relate to the concepts that you have covered in the curriculum, and relate these concepts to other fields of scientific study.
  5. Extra help.
    • If you get stuck, and the study group is not working for you, consider looking at some of the academic homework sites online. You may be able to find several free samples of work that will help you to focus.
    • Another possibility is to find a tutor that specialises in Organic Chemistry, to help you through some of the more difficult parts of your assignment. Or you could explore the possibility of using am academic writing service.
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