Dealing With Microeconomics Homework: Tips For College Students

Many college students will find themselves taking a microeconomics course, either to fulfill a course requirement or because they find it interesting. It is a great course to take because even if you don’t pursue a career related to economics at all, it will help you to understand what is going on in the world around you and what you hear on the news. Despite its benefits, microeconomics courses can entail a lot of homework, making it a challenge for students.

If you’re struggling to deal with the homework for your microeconomics class, follow these easy tips:

  • Leave yourself plenty of time
  • One of the worst things you can do to yourself if you’re struggling in a class is to leave your assignments till the last minute so you have to rush through them. Instead, start your assignments the night they are assigned so if you get stuck on it or need help you’ll have plenty of time to get it.

  • Work through problems in groups
  • If you are working on a microeconomics problem set and there are several different kinds of questions or questions on several different topics included in it, try to work on them in groups. This will allow you to see connections between problems and their solutions more easily, which is a valuable test taking strategy which will also help you to learn the material better.

  • Start with the problems you know and skip the ones you need to look up
  • Another good test taking strategy that you can practice on your homework is to start with the problems you can easily answer, skipping the ones you get stuck on. Then you can come back and work through the more difficult questions that you may need to look up answers for.

  • Start a study group with other students in the class
  • Microeconomic involves a lot of interconnected concepts, so sometimes working through assignments with other students that you can talk about the concepts with can be very helpful in learning the material. Ask a few friends or classmates to get together to go over the assignment together. Make sure that you’ve at least looked over the assignment before you try to work on it with other people though.

  • Don’t be afraid to go to your professor for help
  • If you get stuck on a problem or are having trouble understanding the concepts, don’t be afraid to go to your professor for help.

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