Where To Get Answers To 5th Grade Math Homework Assignments

Fifth-grade, the first big change of a kid’s life. The last year of elementary, the last year before middle school. Of course in this last year, it’s important to get stellar grades. Math can be a big problem, and it usually doesn’t get easier, however, here are some tips on getting the answers to fifth-grade homework assignments. Some of them can also be used as you do more advanced calculations.

Five ways to find answers for 5th-grade math homework assignments

  1. Your classmates- The easiest place to look for answers is with your 5th-grade classmates. They are doing the same level of work and will more than likely be given the same or similar homework. Find someone who understands the homework assignment really well and ask them to give you the answers or at least help you understand the material better. You’ll have to end up learning it anyway so this could be a good option.
  2. Mathway- It doesn’t matter what level of math it is, this can solve it. From complicated calculus and trigonometry to basic algebra, this tool has all the answers. Access to the website is free, and so are the answers. There is one little catch though. If you want to see how the program got to the solution, you have to pay money. However, if you only want answers, then this would be the perfect tool for you.
  3. Math10- This is similar to the tool above in that it is an online problem solver. It is an efficient tool. However, it has the same drawback as that tool as you have to go ‘Pro’ to be able to see how the problem was solved.
  4. QuickMath- This is mostly designed for problems that High School and College students have to do. However, it can also do problems that are at a lower difficulty level. It’s a fairly good website to use if you need help with your homework.
  5. Ask your teacher- Hey it’s worth a try. Who knows? They may be in a giving mood and decide to give you some answers. Only use this as your last resort. If none of the above websites work or asking your classmates, then and only then should you ask your teacher for the answers. You can ask them for help in solving the problem, but you can’t outright ask them for the answers.

Even though you can get the answers through many different mediums, you also have to remember to learn how to solve the problems. Once you do that, you can use the ways listed above to help you verify if an answer is correct meaning you would use it as a second choice and not your first one. Good Luck!

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